Problems & Solutions

Completely on point, thanks!

  1. Financials. Share the financials of the entire project from Community Treasury to Non Treasury Funds. Past Expenses, reoccurring expenses, and expected expenses. Want my confidence back… start with this. Want my trust back… read on.

  2. Stick to a roadmap plan. Stick to the originating documents.

  3. Stand up the DAO. Get Official voting on track. Let the community decide on where things should go with real official votes.

  4. Respect the investor and the community by listening and taking into account what “they” want to see.

  5. Hold smaller component votes on direction that are well thought out and fit into the overall development plan.

  6. Have a development plan that is shared with the community and be accountable to the community on that plan.

  7. Trust the advice of @brother Jeus, who hears the community and has the insight from the community. Take what he says to heart and know its coming mostly from the community. Except for a few differences of opinions I have with him. :slight_smile:

  8. I’m sure there is more I could add, but for now, the list above is sufficient to earn my trust back.


Here’s my reply from that ama About MarsColony IDO campaign (Reasons and conditions) - #35 by AgentGreenStix

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Wow finally a CLNY post that leaves me feeling better about the project. Tris maybe you should play a role in the leadership of this.

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strongly agree, especially re sharing financials


hey @joeok @tris_the_avatar_maxi I collected all concerns at once and tried to answer with the creators together. Please jump in

I have yet to see a rational justification for refusing to use CLNY as currency for plots and avatars. These are the the most obvious use cases for the token. How can you call CLNY the in-game-currency when CLNY is not used for purchasing assets in the game?

I realize the answer is because this project is a scam, but I would like to be proven wrong.

CLNY was used to purchase all avatars; the in-game marketplace is in development, as you could see if you checked out their GitHub.

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CLNY was used to mint avatars. Secondary market, where all value resides going forward, is priced in ONE.

Only on NFTkey, I think tofu allows CLNY listings.

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There is one plot listed for CLNY.


Hello guys, as we don’t have a game yet. I’ve been thinking about how we can keep people busy until there’s one. Let’s just say that the first 500 to 600 fully updated countries should be unique. For example, special things can only happen in these countries. Or the owners belong to a special group. Only from these countries you can travel to other chains. Or somehow be rewarded. I think that would do the project good. Increase the pressure to buy CLNY as many will want such a unique country. This buys us time and a clny price recovery until we have a real game. We have to work with what we have.

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@father @eugenefinch
I think that if Mars had it’s own NFT marketplace, and if you removed NFTs from the third party marketplaces, sales can create much more utility than renaming avatars and moving buildings. It’s also much more sustainable, people are trading NFTs all the time.
Looking from my perspective, I would rename avatar maybe once, and I wouldn’t ever bother to move building if there is no reason to do so, and currently there isn’t 🤷🏻‍♂
But that makes sense only, and only if the native marketplace is the only place to trade NFTs.

Does this make sense?


Hey @andi have you checked out the roadmap? There is a planned feature there for a Marketplace. If you have not you should vote and add comments there as well. I think you are absolutely right and this would help having land and avatar sales in game among other future items.


I always forget the link for the website :smiley:
I’ve herd in the latest AMA that they are planning to add it in about two months.

I’m suggesting to remove Mars NFTs from other marketplaces. Does that make sense to you?

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NFTKEY gets the fees, give it back to the Colony instead :+1::+1:

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Exactly my point :smiley:

Don’t think this is good idea to close external marketplaces. They give additional exposure and popularity and another way for someone to jump into the project.

But having additional intrenal marketplace for all NFTs would certainly be nice. Also marketplace comissions could be shared for ones who are staking CLNY for example thus giving additional utility to CLNY.


Need more time for this, but it is coming :slight_smile:

Yep and more utilization is coming.

I like this idea. It was also mentioned in the initial WP proposal. Lets discuss priority for it and bring into the road map.

Hey @andi, yes, it makes sense :fire: Last night we were talking with @MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI about the Marketplace as well. @andi could you please create a new thread to discuss MarsColony NFT marketplace and we can discuss other all attributes, define priority how it will look like and move it forward.

Regarding external marketplaces. I don’t think that we should remove it, coz it brings finance inflow to the landlords and makes to keep it available for the external users.

On another side when we will have MarsColony marketplace, we can make conditions much more attractive than externals. For example drive fees generated by the marketplace to the Community Treasury.

Last but not least, if @andi creates an proposal post for the marketplace, lets discuss all conditions there and then propose final version to the dev team.

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Sure @father I will do it. It makes sense to have a separate thread for it. I will just create it for now, and join the discussion from tomorrow, because I have a busy day today. :smiley:

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