Monthly product review and plan : May 31, 2022

Yes, I fixed story link and assigned one of our team members to take care of the Lore.


Thanks for the feedback.

Totally agree with all of these items. Having navigation sticky on the top and removing spaces, that’s something we need to handle. FPS might be done later if it will look cooler; gotta check.

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You’re welcome!
About the animation… It looks pretty cool, but just a little choppy… Adding more frames should make it more fluid. But try it out, I think it could look smoother. :v:t2:

good job, thank you!

Great. I mentioned this to Brother, but we can take a look at how the Nuclear Nerds create lore for their project. It’s a neat concept. Not sure who is running the lore now, but that may be a model we can use and tweak going forward!

We need the lore! Narratives matter!

Maybe we should shorten the mission time only for rare and legendary avatars. Up until now there has been no advantage whatsoever in owning a legendary one.

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That’s correct. So far there have been no benefits at all for people having rare and legendary Avis. This might be considered.
I would not benefit almost at all from that, but it would be fair.

Also it would be fair to have programmers do the programming tasks faster, or get more xp, or something… Also when leveling Avis should be able to do things faster then before.
There’s a lot ideas to be considered and implemented.

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@eugenefinch @father Well, you didn’t fix the link. You just removed it. We need a narrative here. With the economic incentives falling into oblivion, the only thing that will hold this community together is a narrative. Plain and simple, we need some overarching narrative to hold this mess together. Someone needs to give the community a structure to let us tell a story on Mars. If you ask me, there is one thing that galvanizes a community: war. Pit Harmony against Polygon. Otherwise, it looks like we’re on a very slow, very boring downward spiral. You aren’t giving us anything to hold onto.


Hey @CairnAndWeb, good point. We do prepare a more detailed vision for the project. I think it will bring more clarity to everyone.


Weekly product update:

3rd Sprint is over so here’s our updates:

  1. Cryochamber feature was released as scheduled, all the information about it you can check here.

  2. We started working on decrypt mission - our 2nd mission in the Base station which will require from Martians both luck and skill.

  3. Also we started working on revenue share feature for Base station missions which will become the first step of the transitioning to play-to-earn

  4. Another small thing is that we updated the Rare and Legendary Utility Crates backgrounds so they are now more easy to identify.

Started from the Utility Crates (UCR) and Cryochamber we now make explanation posts about released feature with lore and mechanics

Another good news are that starting from next Monday new frontend developer begin his journey with MarsColony. And we still hiring for more.


Someone on discord mentioned adding symbols to the common, rare and legendary rarities. So they can be recognized easier in general and by color blind people.

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AWESOME !!! !Lets ROLL!!!

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