MarsColony: structure, finance & business model

Hey Martians :wave:

To make sure that we all are on the same page we would like to bring more clarity on several topics

MarsColony entities

CreatorsDAO (formed)

The project is kickstarted and developed by CreatorsDAO formed of 3 people @father @eugenefinch @MEMEXPO. This is the entity formed by creators

  • Decision making 3/3
  • Multisig 2/3

MarsDAO (formed)

An organization that is formed to manage the grant received from Harmony blockcahin.


The process

  • Decision making - majority of votes
  • Multisig 5/9

MarsColonyDAO (in progress)

An organization that will be formed around CLNY holders. Anyone will be able to participate in the decision-making process.

  • Decision making - (in progress)
  • Multisig - (in progress)

MarsColony finance control

Finance Flow Owner
Harmony Grant (ONE) MarsDAO
Claming Fee (ONE) CreatorsDAO
Liquidity booster (CLNY) CreatorsDAO
Treasury fund (31% of CLNY) MarsColonyDAO
Liquidity Mining fund (20% of CLNY) MarsColonyDAO
Landlords rewards (49% of CLNY) NFT Land landlord

Business model

Stage 1 (In progress)
The goal is voting power distribution around all contributors to the MarsColony. The revenue will be generated from NFT Land claiming events and CLNY minting events.

Stage 2 (To do)
On the stage of launching Game-fi and Play to Earn tools, will be implemented TX fee model that will generate revenue to the MarsColony DAO in a long run. Products that might generate revenue on Stage 2:

  1. Lending platform (Get load against NFT Land plot)
  2. A yield generating stable Coin
  3. Renting platform (rent NFT Land to the game players)

Exact products and TX fee will be defined by MarsColonyDAO


How does the CreatorsDAO plan to spend the Claiming Fees?

How well are the separate DAO structures working for your team?

Seems like a reasonable way to break it down, like a business, with owners and leadership roles.

I would focus more on art/design, give settlers the options to create unique NFT land plots by investing CLNY.

With each upgrade to your NFT it changes making it more valuable, so instead of these raw images on NFTKEY we get to see actual base stations or even more unique alterations.

The business model would be the royalties that MarsColony receives for trading these NFTs/Land Plots which you can then invest back into the game.