MarsColony PitchDeck (May 2022)

Hi, is this an official pitch slide show? If so, please take this only as a critique to make it better.
There’s too much random colors on slides, and each color is really strong, which makes it hard to follow and focus. You should get a help from a designer inside the team.
You should come up with a color theme for MC and follow that.

There has been so many good design works for the MC so far, I’m sure a designer from the team can make this into a pleasant slideshow to watch and follow.


Totally agree with the feedback! @Rey will improve it!


@Rey sorry if it sounded harsh, but it was all good intention. Intention to have the best possible look, because I know you can deliver it based on all other things that are happening on MC. :v:t2:

@father thanks for getting what I’m talking about, I’ve never thrown hate on MC so far, only my views on how to improve things. :v:t2:


Dear Team,

I have two suggestions with the current version of this pitch deck:

  1. You should add some info on tokenomics of Colony. This will give important information to Polygon users considering joining the game, but also help current holders think about what will happen should a CLNY bridge between Harmony and Polygon become active.

  2. The slide covering the land improvements is very unclear. Even I as a Mars Colony veteran, can not understand what this exactly means. This could be solved easily if you:

  • would rename the column ‘Land Improvements Multipliers’ to something like ‘Daily Land NFT Revenue (CLNY)’ or something
  • add pluses (’+’) in front of the numbers in the same column, except for the row ‘0. Empty Land’.
  • Add a total of daily earnings (23?) in the third column, on the row to the right of ‘1200’

Just my two cents here.

One question because of this: I am right to notice that the investment/earnings for NFT land plots are different than on Harmony? If so, why has this been done?