MarsColony Pitch Deck (April 2022)

Thank you for good words @furboss :heart:

I think most of the concerns are that we haven’t communicated a long-term vision clearly enough. If the future is not clear, people are more likely to worry about it and look for short-term benefits.

We will talk more about the vision, what we build and why!

Having (Edit: Typo) new names seems like an attractive idea but may not be worth it.
Mars is Mars. That’s the brand, the name, of familiarity, trust, awesomeness.

For example think of Walmart or Ikea.
Ikea is the brand and they open in different countries (drawing a parallel to metaverse here), a different name is not needed. The topography is different, the users/customers are different BUT at heart it is Ikea with it’s USP, signature concept. But they also have localized product designs and service that change slightly from country to country. It’s Ikea everywhere but a slightly different version of it in different places.

Mars can be on all chains. Linking them. A connecting thread across the metaverse. Mars is the product, let’s stick with it.


Thank you for supporting the idea to develop the MarsColony brand name :vulcan_salute: It will get stronger and more recognizable after each successful release


Guys, I think we all get the vision. We would just like an actual game to play before you rush off and go multi chain. If you go multi chain before anything is released to actually play, you’re just enlarging the audience who are pissed off with lack of functionality.

Hey @O.G.Martian12900, yep, you know that p2e mission and exchange are in active development now?

For sure, we want to release more functionality before going multichain, and we will :rocket:

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Thanks @father, I can just see the sentiment in a lot of threads being anti-expansion and pro-Harmony development, but the messaging from the team on what is in the works seems to be the other way around.

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Yep, that obviously, people are into Harmony, because we work only on harmony yet, so not much other options :sweat_smile: It’s understandable.