How (and why) to mint your avatar ID NFT

Hey everyone.

Avatar IDs mint for 30 CLNY tomorrow starting at 4am PT! Batches of 7,000 will be released for minting every 8 hours until all 21,000 are available to mint.

In preparation for Landing Day 1, I’ve decided to publish a tutorial describing the mint process for avatars, so you don’t have any trouble with the process.

How to mint your avatar ID

The tutorial is a bit long, so to make this post easier to digest I’ve made the sections expandable.

Click here to expand mint tutorial


April Fools!

It will be easy to mint if you’re not a bot, just click the mint button at once minting begins, then follow the onscreen instructions.


To make amends for tricking you, I’ve decided to include some details you may or may not know about avatars in the section below.

What’s so special about avatars?


To perform missions on Mars, you will need avatars. Missions will launch in the weeks following avatar launch, but there’s no current ETA as we have to decide missions rewards together.

The rewards for missions still needs to be debated/voted on by you all in the next week or so, but it will probably be some combination of resources you can eventually use in-game, CLNY, XP, and perhaps a second in-game token to use at future NPC item vendors.

Leveling up

By completing missions, you will gain XP (experience points), which can be used to raise your avatar’s level. A higher level means you can play more missions each day, and will come with other perks that have yet to be announced.


While your avatar’s level is determined by how much you play, your avatar’s rank is one of three main average rarity scores:

  1. Common, called “Cadet”, roughly 89% of avatars
  2. Rare, called “Explorer”, roughly 10% of avatars
  3. Legendary, called “Atlas”, roughly 1% of avatars

Rank is just an overarching rarity category at first, but will eventually be revealed to affect plot and gameplay in varying degrees.


Exact rarity can be determined by how many pieces of gear your avatar has in its ranking category, meaning not all rares or legendaries will have the same rarity.

All Cadets are equipped with all common traits (gear), while Explorers get at minimum one piece or rare gear, and Atlas ranks get at least one piece of legendary gear.

The more gear of a rarity type your avatar has, the more rare it is in its category. Avatars can only get gear equal to or below their ranking, so Explorers will likely have a mix of rare and common gear, and legendaries can have any gear ranking with at least one legendary piece.

The luckiest of the lucky may receive a full set or rare or legendary gear, the pinnacle of avatar rarity.


Your avatar’s traits are its gear. In generation 1, there are spacesuits, patches, visors, glasses, microphones, and more, all of which will eventually have an in-game function that vary based on type.

Design-wise, we opted for more realistically-styled traits, to create more a immersive experience. For this reason, some traits may look somewhat similar while having completely different rarity and end-game function. You’ll still be able to tell the difference visually, of course.

There are three main styles of gear:

  • Tactical - These are light, maneuverable traits made for Martians in need of speed and mobility.

  • Ranger - These are safer, medium-armor kinds of traits designed for Martians that need to explore unfamiliar locations.

  • Operator - These are heavy-duty traits for Martians operating machinery or under harsh conditions.


Immediately, there aren’t playable professions for avatars. But, a wide (and ever-increasing) array of titles are assigned which hint at future gameplay and economies. I can’t share more than that for right now, but feel free to take guesses :wink:


So, let’s say you’ve minted your ID. The current secondary market is NFTKey, but within a couple months we are planning to introduce our own marketplace for NFTs that requires CLNY, fees from which fund the treasury, supplement mission rewards, are burned, etc.

Minting avatars will be one-at-a-time, and first-come, first-served.

Minting is open to everyone, and landowners do not get any special access or guarantees of minting.


We’re almost home, Martians. Stay strong.




You caught me :joy: :joy: