Game Design concept

Hi all,

I would like to announce our first Game Design draft for the Mars Metaverse. Feel free to read it and share your thoughts on this.

Game Summary

A quick summary of the game / high-level big picture.

  • MMP RPG Metaverse controlled by its players
  • Play-to-earn Economy
  • Space colony of the future

Target Platform

  • Web browser
  • Modern iOS and Android tablets and phones.
  • The game will be on Unity engine (cross-platform)

Business Model

This will be a play-to-earn game with a utility token (MRS) acting as

In-game currency and used by users to purchase characters, buildings, upgrade and breed characters. The same in-game currency will be earned by taking part in battles.

Game Overview

Mars Colony is an MMORPG game where players can jack into cyberspace and appear on Mars. They get to control humanoid robots and battle for the absolute freedom of their land; unique combat interactions and the ability to upgrade characters will lead to an unrivaled gaming experience.

An idea to combat AI came from the 1984 novel Neuromancer by William Gibson, mixed with elements from the Netflix TV show “Altered Carbon.” PVP combat was taking its ideas from standard MMORPG such as Onmyoji and others

Story and Gameplay


One hundred years from now, humans built colonies on Mars. The rough atmosphere and lack of resources making it impossible for humans to survive.

Humanoids inhabit Mars — an open-world owned, operated, and controlled by its players.

Humanoids are robots that autonomously operate on Mars, allowing their owner to jack in and control robots from Earth.

Mars Colony has been attacked by an evil AI that went rogue in Saturn, landed on Mars, and took control of the part f humanoids. We don’t know the purpose of that AI yet, but our guess is to conquer Mars, build a fleet, and potentially attack Earth.

Your role here is to help Mars Colony wipe off the enemies from your territory, and help restore the Martian economy and build democracy

Characters (DONE)


Class Warrior

Warriors are the most physically strong of all the class groups. This class specializes in melee attacks, whether with weapons or just plain old fists. This class has the best armor, and is the most skilled with the largest weapons. High HP, attack, and defense scores are a usually characteristic of this class.

Class Ninja

Ninja forgoes raw strength in favor of a more subtle approach. They have higher skill sets in the areas of stealth, sneaking, and smaller, quicker weapons. They have no trouble finding places to hide. Ninja has lower defensive stats than other classes, but offset that by being higher rated in lock picking, sneak attacks, and speed.

Class Engineer/hacker

These people should be worshiped as gods

Engineers specialize buffing, and healing allies. Often, the decision between healing and buffing was fight-altering. Realizing this, game developers created an entire role dedicated to individuals wanting to be the best people alive. A good Engineer can single-handedly turn a fight around, in almost any game they exist in.

In combats, engineers will apply minimal damage to enemies and have weak armors as well as the speed of attacks.


The world of MarsColony features real world locations of Mars mixed with futuristic and cyberpunk elements. MarsColony is represented by a 144m sq km area, split into 21 thousand pieces, with each piece representing a tokenized plot of land.

Core Gameplay

Game V1


MarsColony is a turn-based game. Its initial purpose is to compete with other players and an enemy (environment), win experience points, upgrade characters, and earn MRS utility tokens. MarsColony battles are played on a 1x3grid plane, where one Player can use three characters.

Game Setup

To play the game, the Player needs to acquire characters for battles and combats. To do so, the Player needs to navigate to the Marketplace section in the game. Each character is an NFT token.

Max number of characters are needed for a start - 3, and it’s a recommended number (1 player PVP is not recommended for the genre and 4-5 might be too much given that character needs to be purchased)

Once characters are purchased, a player can jump into the battle arena to fight other players (PVP) or bots (if players are not present in the room).

Entering Arena

From the main menu, the Player can enter the PVP battle Arena. Note, the Player needs to have at least one character to play battle.

Matching of players is done automatically by the system. Matching logic:

  • The number of characters of matched players should be the same;
  • XP points of characters


Use can play up to 10 battles a day.

In battle, the characters of each party are positioned on a 1x3 grid. The action takes place in a 1x3 grid plane with a top-down view and - 45-degree angle allowing for orbital camera rotation to see the enemy better.

The goal of the battle is to beat the opponent using attacks and abilities.

Each Player has one action(turn) at a time, during which she/she can attack the enemy. If a player has three characters in battle, each character has a chance to attack once during a single turn. Once the action is taken, another player takes a turn.

Hitting an enemy is done by selecting a weapon and attack type and selecting an enemy to attack by clicking on it with a left mouse button.

Battle finale

You win the battle once all other Player’s characters are KO-ed (run out of XP.)

Once it happens, you are proclaimed the winner and awarded with

  • variable XP (default 1/20 of level 1 base XP x bonus coefficient)
  • 7 MRS tokens ($0.1 init price) in quantity
  • RIGHT governance token - according to schedule

XP points are distributed among characters proportionally to the value they bring to battle. (formulae will include damage made to the enemy as value as points due to healing and protecting your team).

The Player, who loses the fight, doesn’t earn points.

The Role of land

  • Land is a distinctive part of MarsColony world. As a hero, playing yourself a hundred years from now, you are combating enemies on Mars while your body is present on Earth.
  • To initiate a connection with your characters (Humanoids) and transfer your consciousness to Mars, you need to jack into a cyberspace pod located on Mars Land.
  • At the moment this connection is free of charge, but in the future, landowners will be able to decide on charging a rental fee for housing your characters and your pods.
  • About the Land:
    • Mars land is split into twenty-one thousand tokenized plots of land, called MarsColony MC tokens, which can be claimed by players and early investors starting from September 2021.
    • Up to 50 land plots can be purchased at a time. All land pieces owned by a single user can be connected into one via a Combine contract.
    • Owners of the land can upgrade and customize their territory to build base stations, and produce resources
    • Resources spread across MarsColony land can be used to upgrade both objects built on land and characters.

Game V2

Breeding humanoids

  • Users can build breeding stations producing characters with capacity.
  • A single breeding station can be placed on the surface of Mars and produce a maximum of 3 humanoids per month.
  • To breed the humanoids, players need to spend to acquire vital resources for in-game currency.
  • Once characters are bred, players can sell via marketplaces or play them in PVP/PVE battles.
  • Additional facilities such as gyms/labs can be built on Land, allowing to improve character’s performance in addition to existing upgrades available via battles. (more detailed logic on this is subject to review)

PVE Battles

AI-controlled robots are popping up across the territory of Mars. Players will be able to take on AI-controlled enemies in real-time battles, similar to PVP.

Levels Design

There are going to be 21 levels in the game. Moving to the next level means a player humanoids reached enough experience to upgrade their attributes (e.g. strength) and skills.

Next level formula follows the following function:

  • NextLevel = baseXP * (level ^ 1.5)
  • BaseXP = 1000 points

Character Base Attributes

  • (HP) Health
  • (ATK) Attack
  • (DEF) Defense
  • (SP} Speed
  • (Hl) Heal

Initial Base attributes per character:

Character type

Attribute Warrior Ninja Engineer
Health 500 600 400
Attack 180 120 70
Defense 100 70 60
Speed 90 160 80
Heal 10 20 100

Character Attributes growth function (as characters upgrade from level to level) (

Character type

Attribute Warrior Ninja Engineer
Health 4d50+100 4d40+100 3d20+100,
Attack 2d50+100 2d25+100 4d10+100
Defense 3d50 3d50 1d20
Speed 1d20 1d50 1d20
Heal 1d20 1d20 3d50

An example of character attributes progression as they move from LV 1 to LV3


Parameter LV1 LV2 LV3
XP 1000 2828 5196
HP 500 ~700 ~900
Attack 180 ~330 ~480
Defense 100 ~150 ~200
Speed 90 ~100 ~110
Heal 10 ~20 ~30


Core in-game currency - MRS utility token

  • MRS Token ($MRS)
  • The initial price for the utility token is set at $0.1 per coin.
  • The market price is subject to supply/demand volatility
  • Coins can be purchased via various decentralized exchanges and AMMs (to be announced)
  • The in-game currency is spent on:
    • Purchasing humanoids to play
    • Building objects on Mars Land
    • Breeding humanoids (V2)
    • Upgrading the character
  • The coin could be earned for:
    • Selling characters
    • Winning in PVP battles - 7MRS /Battle - (limited to 10 per day/player)
    • Winning PVE battles (V2 of the game)
    • Taking part in daily bonuses (tbd)
    • Liquidity mining (tbd)

Right Token ($RIGHT)

  • Core governance token
  • Earned upon staking and by Landholders
    • Please refer to tokenomics
  • Earned upon winning battles PVP and PVE
    • 30 m RIGHT tokens will be distributed among players as rewards
  • Used to govern Mars and decide on strategic initiatives:

Info about experience points (XP).

Initial XP for a newly backed character is 1000. As the player progresses in battles via PVP or PVE mode, XP is earned.

For the start, each successful battle will bring 100 XP to a team, which will be split among your team based on their contribution (see gameplay for details).

Leveling up

They are two ways how the player can level up his/her character

  1. By winning XP points in battles.
  2. By buying XP points for In-game currency. The second option makes sense if a player would like to bring a new level 1 character into a game and where the rest of the team is experienced (e.g. level 10 or higher). Evolving single character makes more sense here.

At the beginning, each character you bring to the game has 1000 XP points. Once a user reaches a certain XP points, following a next level function, he is being automatically upgraded to the next level. (for details on calculation, please check level design).

A table below summarizes XP needed to reach next level for each character in game. For simplicity, we only display first 5 levels here

Table: Level progression based on XP

LV XP needed
1 1000
2 2,828,
3 5196
4 8,000
5 11,180


At the beginning, marketplace will be limited to selling Land and Characters. Soon after, additional products would be added such as weapons and different constructions you can build in Mars

Table: initial Marketplace

Item Position in Shop Currency Shop Value in Premium Currency Shop Value in $
Land 1 BNB 0.67 $240
Character 1 MRS 1,000 $100
Breeding station 2 MRS 1,000 $200
Other tbd tbd tbd tbd

User Interface / Screens

(in progress)