Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Are the names real since the discovery of Mars?

Yes, it’s real data.

2. Does the app work on a mobile device?

Yes, in MetaMask mobile browser, but we don’t make Mobile optimized. Please use desktop.

3. What is the growth rate of CLNY for owning a land?

1 CLNY per day for empty land before improvements. If you build improvements, you will increase minting speed according to the Colony: Tokenomic

4. Is there a limit of the number of lands that an address can buy?

No. See no reason to make such a limit.

5. What are the conditions for participation in the lottery?

There are 3 required steps - 3 lands, 3 enhancements, and at least one claiming CLNY tokens from land (not free test 100 tokens).

6. Are the plots price in different regions of Mars the same?

We considered this but decided to have the same price.

7. There are 4 base stations on the land plot. Will more development units be added?

No, tokenomic is balanced with these four.

8. What needs to be done to get more CLNY tokens?
  1. Sushiswap on mainnet
  2. Can have more land plots
  3. Plan liquidity mining in Q1 2022

9. What is liquid pair will be available?


10. Will there be a button for the general CLNY claiming?

We will think about a button where you should confirm the transaction 30 times.

11. If we got 1 CLNY / day for free....don't you think it's gonna be inflated? Unless you apply it for more scarcity and so on ?

Yes, that’s what the first stage is about. The goal for Stage 1 - wealth distribution across NFT holders. The total supply is fixed, it means that the more active NFT holders will be able to generate more CLNY.

Once all CLNY is distributed will start the next stage. So you do not need to worry about inflation.

12. Can I sell on NFTKEY?

After the NFT claim, you are the owner of a particular piece of NFT and you are willing to do anything you want with that NFT: Sell, Lend, Gift, etc.

It’s decentralized and it’s on the blockchain. Feel free to do it if you want.

Probably the discussion is only that there is no UI for it in our app? - If so, we are aware of and work towards it. Meanwhile, you are free to use any NFT marketplace that supports harmony blockchain for trading your NFT.

13. How could it be if CNLY 100,000 was for initial liquidity when there is currently only CLNY 84,000?

When you make an upgrade in the app, the CLNY tokens you use are burned. Looks like many improvements was built, this why supply is lower than when it’s started.

14. All inquiries to the MarsColony team regarding earnings or high returns on investment will not be considered.

MarsColony it’s a gamified colonization framework, and it’s not a way to make money or expect financial returns. CLNY is a hybrid of governance/utility tokens and doesn’t guarantee financial returns.

If you have more questions, just drop them below :wink: