Colony: Tokenomic

Colony is a community-driven project. So the tokenomic was also designed by the community and for the community. Colony will have two types of token non-fungible (NFT Land) tokens & fungible governance (CLNY) tokens.

Community controls 100% of the NFT Land token supply

To start your journey, you need at least one piece of NFT Land.

The planet we are going to colonize is split into 21,000 equal pieces. All of them are available for the claiming immediately, right after the Settler is set on the blockchain (ETA: Dec 7, 2021, on Harmony Blockchain)

NFT Land Economic & Minting logic

NFT Land to claim 21,000 pieces
Claiming currency ONE
Claiming fee* 500 ONE / Piece
Launch discount 50% first 72 hours**

(Public Launch ETA: Dec 7, 2021, on Harmony Blockchain )

*50% of collected ONE token will be used to kickstart liquidity for CLNY tokens on a major AMM DEX
**Everyone who joins the colony during the first 72 hours after launch, will be able to claim NFT land with just 250 ONE tokens.

Token Dependencies & Usage

Community controls 100% of the CLNY token supply

We had a lot of debates on how tokens should be distributed among colony members. The answer is simple, 100% of the token supply should be controlled by the community.

Token distribution % Amount
NFT Landlords 49% 70,952,000
Community Treasury (DAO) 31% 44,888,000
Liquidity Mining (DAO) 20% 28,960,000

Token Minting logic

The initial CLNY supply is 0 CLNY tokens
Max CLNY supply is 144,800,000 CLNY

NFT Landlords will be eligible to mint 1 CLNY / Day / NFT Land

For example:

  1. Andy purchases 1 piece of land. From the moment he got it in the wallet, he started earning 1 HCLNY per day
  2. Bob purchased 3 pieces of Land. So he is eligible to earn 3 CLNY per day and so on

To make the CLNY minting race more adventurous, both Andy and Bob can build improvements on their land, make it more valuable, and increase CLNY minting speed.

Economic of Land improvements

Every Landlord has an opportunity to build economic improvements on their land. The improvements are optional, but they will boost the economic growth of the Land it builds on.

On each piece of land can be only four types of improvements: Base Station, Transport, Breeding, Teleport. Some improvements can be also upgraded to generate even more CLNY to the Landlord.

Improvements Mint CLNY per day Mint CLNY Per year Price per improvement in CLNY
Land plot NFT 1 365 0
Base Station 1 365 30
Transport (level 1) 2 730 120
Transport (level 2) 3 1095 270
Transport (level 3) 4 1460 480
Robot assembly (level 1) 2 730 120
Robot assembly (level 2) 3 1095 270
Robot assembly (level 3) 4 1460 480
Teleport pod (level 1) 2 730 120
Teleport pod (level 2) 3 1095 270
Teleport pod (level 3) 4 1460 480

Token Circulation Flow

By building a combination of improvements you can boost CLNY minting speed for a particular piece of land.
For example, if Andy has an empty piece of land, he earns 1 CLNY / day, but if Bob has a Piece of land + Base station + Transport (level 2) + Teleport (level 3) he earns 1+1+3+4 = 7 CLNY / day

Important to know

  1. Fee collected from purchased improvements goes directly to the Community Treasury
  2. Token minting process starts since the first piece of NFT Land is claimed
  3. Token minting process will be stopped automatically once Max Supply is reached

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