Colony Settlers

Hey Martians :wave:

In the past two months, we have learned a lot about project gamification and our users interest.

Today we are happy to share that the Colony DAO made the decision to go multichain.

We had a hard time deciding on which blockchain we should use. In the end, we understood that the world will be multichain and we shouldn’t obstruct you from using your favorite chain.

In the next couple of months, we will set up Colony Settlers on different chains and kickstart the economy

New Colony Settlers

Every new colony will be launched one by one with the initial Settlers setup that contains

  1. NFT Land distribution (with randomly hidden NFT Art gens)
  2. Colony native token (for trading and governance within the colony)
  3. Land Improvements (that allows you to grow your stack faster and do business with other participants)
  4. Liquidity farming (for the colony token, to kickstart economy)
  5. Colony DAO & Treasury fund (that will be decentralized and owned by NFT landlords since the beginning)
  6. Governance tools -(for easier governance)

NFT Landlords of the existing colonies will have unique advantages when a new colony is launched
(earlier access, discounts, etc)

Important to know

New Colonies will not eliminate the old ones. Every Colony is an individual DAO that can generate its own economy. And only from participants depends on how strong and wealthy their colony.

In the next stages of the project all colonies will be able to interact with each other: economically and politically.

Blockchain Colonisation

As we have limited resources we will set up Settlers one by one on every blockchain network.
Firstly we will cover EVM compatible networks. The priority will be based on your decision and the community demand of those networks.

Settlers priority

The first settlers will be launched on Harmony blockchain (the decision is based on requests from their community)

For the second and all upcoming priorities for setting up the colony, please vote or share your opinion on which EVM blockchain it should be ?

  • Near
  • Avalance
  • Fantom
  • Terra
  • Polygon
  • Binance SC (finalize set up)

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The main strategy is to go from a small network to the bigger one. The Settler for Ethereum network will be launched the last one )