[Archivated] Colony: Tokenomic v1

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Tokenomic v1 (outdated)

Mars Colony has a unique, long-term sustainable, and fair token. It was designed in a way to take the best examples from existed blockchain economies (tokenomics) and merged them with the most advanced decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

Meet Colony Tokenomic

Colony’s tokenomic utilized two types of tokens: Non-fungible tokens (NFT) and fungible RiGHT tokens that will be issued for the NFT owners only.

Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)

During the Initial Interest Claiming will be generated 21,000 non-fungible tokens that contain unique information about a piece of territory that is claimed by a particular blockchain address. This address will remain the token creator, but ownership might be changed over time. A nonfungible token can be sold, split, or merge into something bigger.

Epoch 0

Planet Mars
Total area 144,800,000 km²
Available for Initial Interest Climing 100% %
Number of Initial pieces 21,000 pieces
Avarage piece size 6,770 km²
Number of poles 2 pieces
Avarage pole size 1,315,000 km²
Claiming fee 0.0001 BNB / km²

Important! Mars Colony is a decentralized autonomous organization with a mutual fund that governs by owners of the non-fungible tokens. The “claiming fee” isn’t a fee. Those “fee” goes directly to the DAOs vault to bootstrap project development.

Everyone who owns a non-fungible token eligible to receive a voting power accordingly to the size of territory recorded on it.

Epoch 1

In this stage, will be executed several protocol upgrades

Split and unite
Initial 21,000 claimed pieces and poles will be eligible for division into tokens with smaller sizes or unite into bigger ones.

A contract that pays royalties from trades happened on the secondary market. By default is set 0% to participants of Initial Interest Claiming (Epoch 0) & 0% to DAOs vault.

RIGHT token

RIGHT is the Colony’s governance token that is designed to give equal access for everyone into the decision-making process.

RIGHT token
Minting period 39.48 Years *
Max Supply 144,800,000 RIGHTs
Max Minting supply per year 3,667,680 RIGHTs
Token distribution
Non-fungible token owners 72% 2,640,729 RIGHTs
DAO vault 21% 770,213 RIGHTs
Creators (core team) 7% 256,638 RIGHTs

*Minting period is 21 Mars years which is equal to 39.48 Earth years. One Earth year equal to 0.5319148936 Mars years.

Minting algorithm

To deliver the promise of equal voting rights for everyone in the colony. Designed a special algorithm for the creation and distribution of RIGHTS to everyone who claims it.

By design, every Earth year max claiming supply is 3,667,680 RIGHTS. Those tokens will be distributed through all participants that join the RIGHTs minting event. Distribution of RIGHTS proportional to the size of locked NFT, time those NFT locked in the RIGHT claiming contract, and an inversely proportional number of “land owners” participating in this event.

Your RIGHTS = P / M *S * T / L)

Where P - RIGHTS pool generated, M - the size of the Mars, S - the size of the NFT you lock, T - time the NFT is locked in the contract, L - the size of the total locked NFTs in the contract in %

For example, one NFT with an average size of 6,895 km² generates 175 RIGHTS per year if 100% of NFTs are locked. Feel free to play with numbers here →

Token release

Right after Epoch 0 is finished, RIGHTs generation event will start Epoch 1. Rights tokens will be calculated in real-time for each participant that locks NFT in the contract.

  • 72% of RIGHTs go straight to the “land owner”. No vesting period
  • 7% of the RIGHTs go to the colony creators and core team. 1 year vesting period
  • 21% of the RIGHTs go to the DAO vault (a colony treasury fund managed by the community)

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